Ever since I lived in New Zealand I was amazed on how popular Veggie Gardening is here and I got attracted to it very quickly! I started very little, with a couple of tomato plants the first summer and some herbs. Four years later I have a bigger backyard with 4 veggie beds and a chicken coop with 5 chickens.

Last summer was really good for our garden, we had lots of nice and juicy tomatoes, beautiful spring onions and the sweetest strawberries. These were planted in a couple of very small boxes so we decided to make a bigger one.

Here you can see the new box being assembled by my husband. The box is 2mt wide, 80cm deep and 40cm tall. We fill it out with soil from the garden up to 20cm, and on top a layer of sand to improve drainage.

Strawberry Field Box
The box filled with normal soil
Sand Layer

The next layer is the compost, and here I have to thanks my husband for his great job on making a beautiful compost. There is a compost bin at the back of the house and he is been working on it during the year. I will ask him to write a post about making compost for me :)

Compost bin
Compost ready on the Strawberry Field

For the final layer we got Potting and Strawberry Mix to give a nice soil bed for the plants. We had 10 plants from last year and we bought 6 more for the new box.


The last touches were a weed mat to protect the soil from weed growing, keep the temperature and moisture, and a bird net to protect them for the wild creatures around and my ladies – they would love to have a good pecking around the soil and enjoy the sweet strawberries to come ;)




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