Nyan Cat Cross Stitch Pattern

05 September, 2016 | Embroidery, Geek Craft

The Nyan Cat Story

In April 2011 the original Nyan Cat video was uploaded to YouTube, and it was ranked  at number 5 on the list of most viewed YouTube videos of the year.

The GIF animation of the cat was created by Christopher Torres from Dallas, Texas, and it was influenced by his cat Marty. Then the GIF animation was combined with the song “Nyanyanyanyanyanyanya! by YouTuber user “Saraj00n” (whose real name is Sara) who uploaded the original Nyan Cat video on April 5, 2011. Once she put it on Youtube, the video had no hits and didn’t become a hit until months later. Christopher Torres said: “Originally, its name was Pop Tart Cat, and I will continue to call it so, but the Internet has reached a decision to name it Nyan Cat, and I’m happy with that choice, too.”

Inspired by his cuteness, bright colours and pixelated appearance, I’ve created a Nyan Cat Cross Stitch pattern, and you can find it on my Etsy Shop here.

If you get the pattern please share a photo of the final embroidery on my facebook page! I will love to see it :)

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