My Tardis Cosplay

21 October, 2018 | Cosplay
“We’re connecting with something important inside of us, and the costumes are how we reveal ourselves to each other.” — Adam Savage
It was a long weekend here in New Zealand and the time for this year’s Auckland Armageddon, the NZ Pop Culture Convention. We always go to the local one here in Wellington, and this was the first time I flew all the way up to Auckland to attend.

My Tardis Cosplay 1.0

If you know me, you would now that I love cosplaying, and you would also know that I am a big Doctor Who fan. For this year’s Armageddon in Wellington (March 2018),  I dressed up as the Tardis, but not as “a box”… I actually made a Tardis inspired dress.

The dress was made using a blue corset I bought online, to which I applied the “Police Box” signs on the chest area, plus the white windows underneath. The skirt was made using two different long blue skirts I found in second-hand shops, and I made a very simple hoop skirt with cables and strings of fabric, nothing very pretty or sophisticated, not even worthy to show!. The beautiful head-lamp was made with a plastic headband, a fascinator and a lamp that it actually lights up! Thanks to my talented husband <3
The Auckland version of Armageddon is much bigger than the one in Wellington, I first decided to go because Pearl Mackie was supposed to be here (Bill Pots, one of the 12th Doctor’s companions), so I got my tickets to take a picture with her and get her autograph, but she cancelled 2 weeks before the event [very sad face of me here]. Because it was a long weekend and my husband was away for work, I decided to go with my daughter anyway, as there was a Doctor Who Cosplay Meetup happening as well, and I wanted to show off my upgraded cosplay. I was very happy with my first dress, however, I knew that my cosplay would look much better with a bigger Victorian style skirt and a proper petticoat, so I decided to make the upgrade. I bought a big petticoat online and I bought 5 metres of a Tardis-blue fabric to make my new dream dress a reality. Below you can see my petticoat and a few pictures of the skirt’s work process.

My Tardis Dress 2.0

And here it’s the final result, same head-lamp and corset from before… and with my beautiful upgraded skirt! I must say I’m still impressed by the skirt, my sewing skills are pretty amateur and I didn’t follow any patterns, just instincts and very simple techniques. The only problem… I forgot to place the door signs, I left them on my suitcase on the hotel. When I realised I was already at the expo.

Some pictures from Auckland Armageddon 2018

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