Mary Poppins! (Cosplay & Illustration)

21 December, 2018 | Cosplay, Illustration

“In every job that must be done, there is an element of fun.”
— Mary Poppins

One of my favourites movies of all times has always been Mary Poppins… so when I knew there was going to be another movie I was absolutely thrilled and I couldn’t wait to see it.

This week we attended a special pre-screening of the “Mary Poppins Returns“, based on the books series by P. L. Travers, and set in 1930s London, three decades after the events of the original film, it sees Mary Poppins, the former nanny of Jane and Michael Banks, returning to look after them once again when they have grown up and had a family crisis.

I loved the new movie, Emily Blunt did an amazing job with her personification of Mary Poppins; sadly, Julie Andrews rejected a part in the movie in order to not steal Emily’s show, but Emily did such brilliant job that I don’t think it would have happened. Just seeing Dick Van Dyke singing and dancing in the Mary Poppins set was a delight! so I definitely missed Julie there.

My Mary Poppins Illustration

As part of this ‘Mary Poppins week’, I decided to illustrate her, from the first movie with Julie Andrews:

Mary Poppins Cosplay

I have cosplayed as Mary Poppins before, a couple of years ago for a birthday party. This year I decided to do it again and make a couple of upgrades to my costume. This is me two years ago and now (2018):

The two upgrades were the parrot head in the umbrella, which I handmade with felt, and the handbag, that I found on a second-hand shop, it is similar to the original because of her carpet style fabric (see below).

And finally, you can’t be Mary Poppins without her stylish shoes (we do have something in common there), and her flowery hat.

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