How I rebranded my creative business

25 August, 2016 | My Story, Design

“Don’t just be
like one of them;
be one of a kind”

Bernard Kelvin Clive

This post is an official welcome to the new La.Geek. A few weeks ago I decided to rebrand my second business and I updated my brand visuals, I re-designed my website and I split my Etsy shop into two different ones to separate my product lines. In this blog post I explain why and how I did it.

The Story Behind

In 2010 I opened my Etsy shop under the name ‘Stitch & Design’. In this shop I sold Cross Stitch patterns and, a few years after, I added Custom Family Illustrations. This was always a slow passive income for me, during the day I worked as a Graphic & Web Designer and I never really gave my shop too much attention or many hours of work. From time to time I checked my listings and added new products. This year I decided to revamp my second business, create more products, upload better images and promote it more to increase this passive income.

Why did I re-brand?

For a few months I was thinking if I should split my shop into two different ones to sell my illustrations and patterns separately, and a few weeks ago I decided to finally do it. The main reason was because both products were very different and each shop needed to be more specific to its purpose and audience. This change meant that I had to make a few decisions and redefine my brand strategy:

1. My New Brand Name

I decided to change my name from ‘Stitch & Design’ to La.Geek. This name came from a personal blog I had for a couple of years. In this blog I shared some personal and ‘geeky’ stuff, and I wasn’t really active on it so I thought it would be the perfect way to keep this blog and revamping it with this new brand.

2. New Brand Structure

La.Geek became my “Mother Brand”, under this name I created two sub-brands: La.Geek Cross Stitch and La.Geek Illustrations, this names will became my new two shops. This helped me to avoid having too many different brands and spending too much time promoting and creating different material for both of them. This also allows me to create a brand style that it could be applied to both products lines and shops, and also use only one website to promote and display all my products and my brand story.

3. My Products and My Audience

Looking at my current products I realized that what I’m more passionate about is creating geeky stuff. At the beginning I started creating different kind of cross stitch patterns, with no clear target market or any specific subject. But in the last year I decided to focus my patterns and illustrations on geeky themes (TV Shows, Movies, Science, etc). My products change over time, therefore my audience, which is now more clear and defined: Geeky people (like me): geeky cross stitchers and geeky families/couples.

Wrapping Up

Having a clear understanding of the products I wanted to focus on, who my target audience was, and how I wanted to manage my different products lines, helped me define my re-brand, choose the best name for it, a visual style and a brand structure.

Re-branding for creatives entrepreneurs can be difficult, especially when you have several products to offer. Each brand is different, and before making the decision to re-brand you have to analyse your business goals and audience first.

Are you struggling with your branding or your creative business strategy? Leave your comments below or get in contact with me, I’ll be happy to share my experience.

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