LA.GEEK Embroiderer

Beautiful Contemporary Cross Stitch


Around 2009 I got bored of the usual Cross Stitch patterns so I learned how to design my own. When I discovered Etsy I opened my first shop with the name: Stitch & Design, and since then I’ve been selling my patterns online. I usually create patterns on things and themes that interest me or because I’m making a special gift for someone. In 2016 I re-branded my shop and now it’s called La.Geek – Cross Stitch.


Here are some samples of my Cross Stitch Patterns, you can find more on my Etsy Shop. If you have an idea on mind for a pattern and would like me to create it for you, send me a message and let’s see if I can help.


I sell my Cross Stitch patterns through my Etsy Shop. There you can find all my designs.
If you have any question or a special request don’t hesitate to get in touch.


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