Twenty Twelve Theme

Twenty Twelve is the default template for WordPress, has a very clean and elegant design – which I particularly love, and also fully responsive that make it look very good in any screen size.

Because WordPress is widely used as a CMS (Content Management System) the team has added a Front Page template, so whether you have a blog or a static website you can have a perfect introductory page page – the first page your visitors see.

A great addition to the themes is also the beautiful Open Sans typeface, which increase the readability and makes the websites more attractive and with a modern look.

The theme is so clean and flexible that you can make a lot of changes to achieve the look you want. Accessing the Editor area you can modify the HTML, PHP and CSS codes to change layout and design as you wish.

My latest web project was a porfolio design for Darrell Abney. He is a talented 3D Modeler & Texture Artist based on Los Angeles. He is married to one of my dearest friends – and a geeky friend of this blog – Clo.

He was familiar with WordPress – his previous portfolio was a WordPress based website – but he wanted a new design with a more professional and personalized look, and of the requirement was  to keep using WordPress as a core platform.

I created a design for him using inDesign. He wanted a very clean, elegant and maybe minimal layout, and when we agreed with it I started building it in WordPress. I proposed to him to use the Twenty Twelve theme as a base theme for his design and modified the code to make it look as the design he approved.

And here is the result:


To visit his site click here > Darrell Abney Portfolio

He was very please with the result, and so I was. Working with this theme was easy and perfect for this project. Now Dee have all the simplicity and elegance of the default theme from WordPress, using the same core platform he was use to, so he can maintain and update his site whenever he want.

I also used this template to build a blog for a personal project called Flo & Me – Book Club. Also built in Twenty Twelve theme, as you can see I was able to change background and add a personalized header image with our logo.

In conclusion I can say that I am very happy with the Twenty Twelve theme from WordPress, is free, is clean, flexible and elegant… if you have the knowledge to play with the code you can do magic :)

Why I use and I love WordPress

I started using WordPress 2-3 years ago, and I can say that it change completely the way I look at Web Design since then.

Because I studied Graphic Design I felt (and my husband told me) that I have to move forward and learn how to design and create websites, it was supposed to be the next step: there is more money, more to learn and more opportunities on that field, I thought. So I started with the basics, I took a course of “How to create website using Dreamweaver and Flash” (I never got along with Flash) and with this I started learning about HTML and CSS, how websites work and the difference between designing for printing from designing for web. With my little experience I had a few clients and I practiced with my web portfolio. I must admit that even I though it was the right step on my career I wasn’t really enjoining working with websites, until I discovered about WordPress.

While living in the United States I had the opportunity to do an internship with a very experienced web developer, with whom I learned a lot. And it was him who told me about WordPress, that he was starting using it as a solution to create CMS Websites and not just blogs. So I started learning from videos, articles and tutorials on the web how to use and work with WordPress to create static websites. Of course I started with my own portfolio and then taking a couple of projects to build experience with this new tool. After a couple of years my WordPress, HTML and CSS experience allows me to take a job – just nine months ago – as a Web Support in a company where we create and maintain WordPress websites. So I can say that I’ve been learning a thing or two about this :)

So far the main reasons I love WordPress are:

1. It’s Free. WordPress was launched 10 years ago by Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little, as a free source blogging tool based on PHP and MySQL. You can create one blog in for free, and if you want to add more blogs/websites, or custom domains you start paying, but is a very reasonable price for different services. The other option, the one I use, is self-hosted WordPress, to do this you need your own hosting provider and access to FTP. You download WordPress and then uploaded to your hosting through FTP.

2. WordPress as a CMS. WordPress is a very powerful tool that can also be used to create and manage static websites. The main difference between a blog and a website is that the blog uses Posts, they are usually organized and displayed chronologically, a CMS (Content Management System) website uses static Pages.

2. Plugins. Another important and great thing about WordPress is that there are plenty of plugins (free and paid) available. Plugins are tools used to add extra functionality beyond the basic WP installation. WordPress has a database of over 24.000 plugins so is there any extra ‘ability’ you would like to add to your website… for sure there is a plugin for that.

3. Themes. A theme is basically a group of files that work together to create an specific design and give special functionality to your blog/website. As a user you can switch themes easily within the WordPress administration. There are also a lot of themes available out there – according to the WordPress website they have more than 210 available, and there are thousands of themes out there, free and premium (paid). The PHP, HTML & CSS code can be found and edited for providing advanced features and styling, this gives you the possibility of changing and adjusting your theme as you wish. And if you don’t have any coding skills there are plugins that provide you with custom CSS module or the ability to choose and use special fonts, or choose custom colors, in this case you don’t need to edit the themes files.

There are a lot of nice things you can do with WordPress, as a blog or as a CMS website, and this is just the basics point of why I like it so much. I will be talking more about different plugins, or functionalities, how-to’s and tutorials. Please bare in mind that I am not talking as an expert (I am not quite there yet), I need and I want to learn a lot more about WordPress every day, and that is what I want to share here.

I love to be able to share this experience and would love to listen to your comments and/or advice, so leave a comment and let’s start the conversation :)


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