Who is La.Geek

‘La’ comes from the Spanish word for ‘the’ (feminine gender) so it would be something like ‘the geeky girl’.

I am La.Geek, well I am not really a geek (yet) but I like to think of myself as a geek in development.

My name is Maribel and I live in the beautiful Wellington, New Zealand. I am a Graphic & Web Designer and I am working in Web Support/Communications at Seekom. Who would’ve though some years ago that I would be working in IT, that I would enjoy (and understand) some geeky jokes and I would be reading Stephen Hawking?!

I don’t know why or how I started transforming myself into a ‘geeky’ girl. May be that my husband is a geeky guy and I have discovered so many interesting things through him that motivated me to learn more about this geeky world. He has been a huge inspiration for me, he is always willing to share new things with me and talk to me about all kind of geeky stuff.

A few years ago I started working with websites, learning HTML and CSS, and using Dreamweaver. I have to be honest and say that I didn’t really enjoy it much, but I did it because I though I should. Until I discovered WordPress… the web world change for me, I started teaching myself through videos and tutorials from the web and I fell in love with it. Thanks to this self-learning experience I got a job as Web Support at Seekom, to work with WordPress. I have been there for almost 9 month now and I am amazed of how much I have learned and the things I’ve been able to do.

For example, since English is not my first language I was so scared of training our customers! We train them via web conference and I am able to instruct them how to use WordPress. I’d have to say that I was very surprise and proud of myself.

I’ve started this blog to share all that geeky things I have learned and I am continuously learning. Specially my experience with WordPress. But hopefully it will be much more fun stuff that I would love to share with you, for example my experience as a backyard farmer (I have a veggie garden and chickens on my backyard), I am also a very crafty girl and I would love to create more geeky crafty project, and so on. I hope this would bring more Geeky Girls to share their geeky stuff here, I would love to hear from you! :)



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