Vanilla flan with caramel

My husband was away for two weeks and I wanted to make something special for lunch on his return, and I have been thinking on making Flan for sometime now so this was the perfect moment.

I looked at different recipes on the Internet and this is very nice and easy, so this is what I did:

Vanilla Flan with Caramel Recipe


1 can of sweetened condensed milk
1 can of evaporated milk
6 large eggs
1 tablespoon of vanilla extract
3/4 cup of sugar

Preheat oven to 175 degrees Celsius.

Start with the caramel: place the sugar in a small saucepan or frying pan over medium heat. Stir constantly until sugar melt and create the caramel.

IMG_8924 IMG_8929
When the caramel is ready put 1 or 2 tablespoon of it in small ramekin (you can use a big oven tray as well).

Now prepare the custard: In a blender mix the condensed and evaporated milk, the eggs and the vanilla extract. Blend for 5-8 seconds until all is well combined. When the custard is ready fill the ramekins up to the top.

Place the ramekin on a large glass or ceramic baking plate and fill this with 1 inch of hot water. Cover slightly with aluminium foil and bake on water bath for 50 minutes.

Check with a knife in the center of the flan, if this comes out clean the flan is ready.

Remove from the oven and let cool. You can invert the ramekin onto small plates so the caramel sauce will flow over the custard.

And that’s how is done, I had no idea how easy was to make you own flan at home! :)

Flan de Vainilla con caramelo

Mi esposo estuvo de viaje por dos semanas y queria preparar algo especial para el almuerzo el dia de su llegada, y como ya llevaba algun tiempo pensando en preparar Flan este era el momento perfecto.

Mire varias recetas en Internet y esta es muy simple, asi que esto fue lo que hice:


1 tarro de leche condensada
1 tarro de leche evaporada
6 huevos grandes
1 cucharada de vainilla
3/4 taza de azucar

Precaliente el horno a 175 grados Celsius.

Comience con el caramelo: ponga el azucar en una olla o sarten pequeño sobre calor medio. Revolver contantemente hasta que el azucar se derrite y crea el caramelo.

Cuando el caramelo esta listo ponga 1 o 2 cucharadas en pequeños bowls para el horno (se puede usar una fuente grande también).

Ahora prepare la crema : En la licuadora mezcle la leche condensada y evaporada, los huevos y la vainilla. Mezcle por 5-8 segundos hasta que todo este bien combinado. Cuando la crema esta lista llene los bowls hasta arriba.

Ponga los bowls en una fuente grande para el horno y llene con agua caliente hasta 1 pulgada de alto, mas o menos. Cubra livemente con papel aluminio y hornee a baño maria por 50 minutos.

Para revisar de que el flan esta listo meta un cuchillo en el centro, si este sale limpio el flan esta listo.

Remueva la bandeja del horno y deje enfriar. Puede invertir los bowls en platos chicos para que el caramelo escurra sobre el flan.

Y asi es como se hace, no tenia la menos idea de lo fácil que era hacer flan en casa! :)


Empolvados (literally dusted in Spanish) are a traditional Chilean recipe sweet – sponge cake like – made ​​with flour, eggs, sugar and stuffed with caramel. They are called empolvados because they are covered or ‘dusted’ with icing sugar. They are very easy to make and does not take more than 20 minutes for a small amount. And they are delicious!

The stories says that the original recipe comes from a small town called “La Ligua” which is famous for its sweets and textiles production. Is common to see the bakers – also known as “Palomitas Blancas” (White Doves in Spanish) – dressed in white and selling Empolvados and other sweets on the side of the highways.

Chilean Empolvados Recipe


4 eggs
3/4 cup icing sugar
1 cup sifted flour
1 tspn. baking powder
1 can caramel
icing sugar to dust


Mixing the empolvados butter

Preheat oven to 190ºC and place a sheet of baking paper on the oven tray.

Use a mixer or a hand mixer to whisk the egg whites until stiff and add half of the sugar while still beating. Meanwhile beat the egg yolks with the remaining sugar until it’s thick and get a pale colour.

Join both mixtures beating softly with the mixer or by hand. Add flour and baking powder to the mixture with folding motions until well combined.


Using a decorating bag or a tablespoon make small circles with the batter in the prepared baking sheet. Make sure there is some space between them because they are going to grow quite a bit. Bake for 7 minutes.

DSC_8169 DSC_8173

EmpolvadosLet them cool and put some caramel on the flat side and join two of the baked little cakes together.

Cover/dust the empolvados with icing sugar.

This recipe make about 13 empolvados. And that’s it! delicious empolvados, a little sweet from my country.

Enjoy and let me know if you try the recipe :)



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