Wedding Anniversary – Illustration


Wedding Anniversary - Illustration

29 October, 2015 | Design, Illustration

The past 5th of October my dear darling and I celebrated our 13th wedding anniversary, and I decided to create something special for him. From my Family Series Illustrations I recreated ourselves on our wedding gowns, the same we wear on the big day.

He loves it! <3

This Illustration is available on my Etsy Shop

El pasado 5 de octubre, mi amado esposo y yo celebramos nuestro aniversario de bodas número 13, y decidí crear algo especial para él. De mi serie de Ilustraciones Familiares nos recreé a nosotros mismos en nuestros trajes de matrimonio, los mismo que usamos en nuestro gran día.

¡Y a él le encantó! <3

Esta ilustración esta disponible en mi tienda Etsy

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My family poster series #6 – The Lord of The Rings

I know I didn’t published any poster last week, too busy around here. But here we are again with another Family Poster!

This week one of our favorites books/movies: The Lord of the Rings :)

As usual each of us choose their character:
Sebastian is Aragorn,
Maribel is Arwen,
Sergio is Legolas,
Florencia is a little hobbit girl.

family-#6-LoTRI hope you like it and be ready for next week’s family poster – it will be very special. See you then! :)


My family poster series #5 – The Beatles

I am so excited and happy with this one, this week we are: The Beatles! :D

Who knows me well is aware that I am a huge Beatles fan, and my kids has grown up listening to them – they love them too, not only because I said so… xD

As usual we all choose our favorite character, Florencia was the first one to pick George (cute little girl), then I decided to be John, my favorite and all times idol. Sebastian and Sergio wanted to be Paul, so Sebastian pick Ringo at the end to let Sergio to be Paul :)

Sebastian as Ringo Starr
Maribel as John Lennon
Sergio as Paul McCartney
Florencia as George Harrison


My family poster series #4 – Super Heroes

Another week another family Illustration, this week we are Super Heroes!

The boys are more into Super Heroes than the girls on the house, but we have learned to know more about them thanks to movies, TV series, etc.  Each of us have choose their favourite one, and this time we are Super Heroes from DC Comics.

Sebastian is Batman,
Maribel is Super Woman (or Super Girl)
Sergio is Rorschach
Florencia is Wonder Woman

family-#4-SuperHeroesI hope you like this week illustration, I will see you around next week with a new one :)


My family poster series #3 – Game of Thrones

The family series for this week is… Game of Thrones!!

Our story with Game of Thrones started before the TV series, when Sebastian got the first book in a Maastricht Library for Sergio. Then the TV show came along and we started watching it because Sergio told us that the book was awesome.

We don’t miss an episode, we love the story, the characters, the fantasy and the magic.
For the poster we choose to be House Stark:

Sebastian as Eddard (Ned) Stark – Lord of Winterfell
Maribel as Lady Catelyn Stark – Ned Stark’s wife
Sergio as Robb Stak – the King of the North
Florencia as the little and brave Arya Stark

Game of Thrones family poster

The Sergio is reading the fifth book already “A Dance with Dragon” and Sebastian is reading the second one of the series “A Clash of Kings”. I think at this point I should start reading them too! :)

My family poster series #2 – Star Wars

A couple of days ago I published the first illustration of this series. The idea is to dress up ourselves with a different theme on each poster, that can be a movie, a TV series, a book, super heroes, etc.

As you can see we are all dressed up as Star Wars characters! :D

Sebastian as Han Solo.
Maribel as Leia Organa.
Sergio as Boba Fett.
Florencia as Yoda.


My family poster series #1

I had one of those ideas that you just can’t stop thinking about, you can’t wait to get your hands on, finish it and share it with everyone. My new personal project is a series of illustrations about my own family. This is the first one of the series:

My family Series #1

family series 1I was planning to have to whole series finished when publish it but I couldn’t wait and also my husband suggest to release one poster at a time.

The illustration was made on Illustrator CS6. Next illustration will be revealed in a couple of days, if I can wait :)


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