Star Trek


Lately I have been very into with Star Trek, I was never into that kind of movies but now, since my husband worked in the latest rendition Star Trek Into Darkness I started liking it. The whole Klingon and Vulcans it’s just fascinating! And off course  we cannot leave aside the “futuristic” technology they used in the first season of the series with Leonard Nimoy as Spock and William Shatner as Captain Kirk.

We have a monthly Netflix subscription were we the whole series including Next Generation (which I have not started yet) so every night we watch a new episode and I couldn’t ignore the “communicators” which looks exactly like cell phones! Yes, I feel so happy I own my own communicator!

And what about the “universal translator”? isn’t it that what we use in these times when we go to a foreign country, or in my case, just to know how to say a word in proper english?

Of course i need to talk about the GPS… they knew exactly where a crew member was even thousand of miles away, they probably felt the same way when I’m lost and I turn on my GPS to find out exactly where I am :)

Now I am just waiting for the tele transportation device so I can say “Beam me up, Scotty”!

I think I am becoming a Trekky!

Clo, a geeky friend

Since I started this blog I though that I could invite some friends to share their ‘geeky’ experience with me. I have this very special friend with whom I talked almost everyday, even though she lives in the United States. Well, here is a brief introduction from Clo…

“My name is Claudia but my friends call me Clo.

I must admit that I was never into computers until I met my then boyfriend (now husband) Dee and he introduced me to my very first hotmail! After that it was a long learning process… first how to Google stuff then a more advance move to learn Word and Excel, then PowerPoint and Map Quest.

When I installed the first program in my computer it was, to be honest, a complete shock, I didn’t know that I was capable of doing that all by my self! but I did and then the “becoming a geek” started.

Now I work as a graphic designer to a small international logistics company where I design product labels and marketing material along with taking programming classes, yes! programming classes!

I am looking forward to share more of my journey and experiences in this crazy “computer world”


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