Mary Poppins Cosplay & Illustration

One of my favourites movies of all times has always been Mary Poppins, so when I went to see the new movie premiere I decided to cosplay as her and create a special illustration.

My Tardis Cosplay

If you know me, you now that I love cosplaying, and that I am a big Doctor Who fan. For this year’s Armageddon Wellington & Auckland, I cosplayed as a Tardis.

It’s not about the Umbrellas…

After watching the FIFA World Cup finals, and the Trophy Ceremony, I couldn’t stop thinking about the ‘umbrella incident’, because of what happened with the only woman in the podium.

Nyan Cat Cross Stitch Pattern

In April 2011 the original Nyan Cat video was uploaded in YouTube, and it was ranked at number 5 on the list of most viewed YouTube videos in 2011.

Narcos is Back! – Season 2

Narcos, the Netflix’s hit drama showing the parallel story of Pablo Escobar and the DEA agents Steve Murphy and Javier Peña, is coming back today!

How I rebranded my creative business

A few weeks ago I rebranded from ‘Stitch & Design’ to ‘La.Geek’. With this, I updated my brand visuals, I re-designed my website and I split my Etsy shop.

Wedding Anniversary – Illustration

The past 5th of October my dear darling and I celebrated our 13th wedding anniversary, and I decided to create something special for him.

Sikulis – Knitted Mandalas

Just a few weeks ago I decided to experiment with a new craft: Sikulis… or better known today as Knitted Mandalas or God’s Eyes.

My Pretty Kanban Board

Since I left my job and started to work from home, one of my goals is to get more organized, and as my husband suggested I set up a Kanban Board.


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